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FAQ - Full Measured Survey

Why do you offer a Full Measured Survey?

We offer a Full Measured Survey to ensure the work we undertake is covered under our comprehensive professional indemnity insurance. Without accurate measurements our work wouldn’t meet the high standards our clients expect, so we undertake the process with precision and under guidance from the national Chartered Institute, RICS.

Are surveys also fixed-price?

Yes. Like your drawings, the surveys we undertake are set at a fixed-price and are based on location. You can find out how much your survey will be by getting a Quote!

What does a survey involve?

A survey will involve one of our team booking a visit to your property. We will need access to the interior and exterior of the building, as well as to any land associated with the property. We’ll be respectful to your requirements while taking measurements from inside the property and will run through your Needs and Options Review to make sure what you want is what you get from us.

We use the RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) Surveys of Residential Properties, 3rd Edition, to undertake all surveys. This provides a clear, flexible framework which is consistent with the quality standards expected from RICS professionals and ensures a fully comprehensive service is undertaken in preparation for the design and draughting stage.

– Our Payment Promise –
Architects work to an hourly rate, meaning uncapped and often spiralling costs. We have fixed pricing meaning you pay for the outcome, not the time it takes to produce it. To book your project with us you will pay just 50% of the total price today and we will request the remaining amount when your  first set of drawings are completely finished and you are 100%  happy with them.