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New Houses

You’re in safe hands with us – we are experienced designers with expertise and knowledge which will see your grand idea come to life. All we need is a simple checklist of your wants and needs to produce drawings for a brand new house.

You will need Planning Permission drawings and Building Regulations drawings for any new build.  Once your house plans are Planning Approved, we will produce fixed-price building regulations drawings and submit them to your council on your behalf.

What you'll need...

New House Planning Drawings

All we need from you is some draft floor plan sketches and some photos of similar houses that you like the look of. There may be more communication during the design phase than a simple extension or conversion, as we make sure your online drawings are fine tuned to your needs. It will also give us the opportunity to ensure we communicate what is likely to be approved and what can be an alternative to more risky ideas.

New House Building Regulations Drawings

Once we have Planning Permission Approved, your new house will now need New House Building Regulations Drawings by either your Local Authority or an Approved Inspector. 

A Full Plans Building Regulations Application consists of detailed New House Building Regulations Drawings that are produced online by us and are pre-checked by the Building Control Officer before building work starts on site. Having a clear and detailed set of drawings means you can be confident that your chosen contractor won’t be building anything that’s non-compliant which could mean paying for unnecessary and costly corrections. The online drawings we produce include all the relevant detailed section drawings, a specification and all relevant building notes to get you Full Plans Building Control Approval. You’ll also have clear, detailed extension plans for your builder to work from, further reducing the risk of mistakes on site. In our experience, builders who are given clear and detailed plans build with greater confidence, less intervention from homeowners and with minimal error.

– Our Payment Promise –
Architects work to an hourly rate, meaning uncapped and often spiralling costs. We have fixed pricing meaning you pay for the outcome, not the time it takes to produce it. To book your project with us you will pay just 50% of the total price today and we will request the remaining amount when your  first set of drawings are completely finished and you are 100%  happy with them.