Our Mark: A Sustainable Destination Resort

Our Mark: A Sustainable Destination Resort

This is our idea of luxury

We are an emerging practice grown from years of experience in architecture, design, technology and business, fuelled by hard work and the ambition to get things right through meticulousness and personalisation.

Many others are able to establish what is fundamental in architecture – strength, functionality and beauty, but often leave it too late to build these central themes into the fabric of their legacy. During our early days in business we listened to those who have been there, done that, wore the hat, failed and succeeded. We learned that to gratify success in what we do, we must create opportunities, make an impact and leave a mark, thus creating a lasting legacy. This cannot be achieved in architecture alone; to achieve what is needed requires a team of multiple talents and disciplines.

For the last 10 months we’ve been developing our strategic definition for a scheme with architecture, sustainability and quality as it’s core themes. A destination resort, respectful to its surrounding nature and environment, harmoniously fusing luxury and nature. While the focus from our perspective focuses mainly on the project’s built environment, there are additional opportunities for further development including hospitality, leisure and tourism. Some of the ideas currently circling the mind map are swimming, trekking, surfing, woodcraft and luxury spa treatments.

The project poses a real potential improve the local economy of it’s host ground by providing employment opportunities to local residents with an above average wage and staff benefits, locally sourced suppliers including the opportunity for local businesses to shape the resort user experience, and an outward look which promotes what the area has to offer while staying at the resort.

We’re currently sounding out to residents and businesses in the South Wales area as it’s an area we’re completely familiar with, hold a true affection for and would prefer to bring our proposal to. If you are or have connections in any of the above mentioned industries which operate in South Wales then we’d like to to connect.

Media: Les Echasses

Text: Wez Morgan

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