Mumbles Road | The Secret Bar & Kitchen

Change of use from storage unit to a take away kiosk

Project Description

As the hospitality industry emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic, it was important to consider how capacity could sustain the growing demand for outdoor provision. The Secret Bar & Kitchen already benefits from an external open area, but the site incorporates some areas of potential.

We met with the owners who had a vision to convert the existing storage unit into a kiosk which would allow customers to continue to take away food and drink safely without the need to enter the main premises.

We undertook a measured survey of the property and worked alongside our approved planning consultants to develop a case for a change of use, incorporating a food and drinks takeaway kiosk.

Along with a thorough Planning Statement, we drew detailed plans, elevations and location drawings for the existing building and proposed kiosk.

Planning was subsequently granted for the development in September 2021.


Design Appraisal, Full Measured Survey, Spatial Coordination, Planning Statement and Local Authority Liaison

The Secret Bar & Kitchen

Conceptual and Spatial Architectural Design

May 2021

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