Uplands | HMO Change Of Use

Change of use of first and second floor from two independent HMOs to one 12 bedroom HMO for up to 12 people

Project Description

Our client occupies a large property with the ground floor being used as a popular and largely successful bar and kitchen business. The first and second floors have previously been used to occupy private tenants and has been subject to access changes to accommodate the ground floor renovation.

The property’s upper floor entrance is located at the front of the building for two separate units, requiring tenants to leave the property through one to enter the other via the rear access. With the assistance of our planning and building control consultants, we developed concept designs and spatial coordination for the properties to become a single, 12 room unit with spacious living areas and suitable access provisions. 

We surveyed the existing building, produced conceptual architectural designs for the client, then prepared planning designs for a full application to submit to the Local Authority.

Planning was granted for the scheme in July 2021.


Initial Needs & Options Review,  Conceptual Design Appraisal, Full Measured Survey, Spatial Coordination (Planning Documents)

Messrs. Hole

Conceptual and Spatial Architectural Design

March 2021

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